Our Church Vision:

Fun, Engaging, Life-Changing

We desire for this church to be:

Passionate, relational, real, spirit filled which may be expressed through…Spiritual gifts and fruit of the spirit, healings, signs and wonders, prayer and a genuine love for people.

Our aspiration is to encourage you to be:

Open to God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, other people and your own potential. Inspiring you to be… Fearless, transformed, to love people, to value team, to wildly pursue God, to have fun and to love church.

We Believe:

Salvation comes through the work of the cross and is not earned by works, our own righteousness or nature. Relationship is at the heart of what we believe and who we are. We strive to live our Christian walk through who we are in Christ without pretense or agenda in our everyday lives.

Let us encourage you to live in the fullness of what God has in store for you in your life’s journey.